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noun, Sociology.
a state or process in which persons, groups, or cultures lose or do not have communication or cooperation with one another, often resulting in open conflict.


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  • Socialist

    noun 1. an advocate or supporter of socialism. 2. (initial capital letter) a member of the U.S. Socialist party. adjective 3. socialistic. noun 1. a supporter or advocate of socialism or any party promoting socialism (socialist party) adjective 2. of, characteristic of, implementing, or relating to socialism 3. (sometimes capital) of, characteristic of, or relating […]

  • Socialistic

    adjective 1. of or relating to socialists or socialism. 2. in accordance with socialism. 3. advocating or supporting socialism. adjective 1. resembling or sympathizing with socialism

  • Socialist international

    noun 1. an international association of largely anti-Communist Social Democratic Parties founded in Frankfurt in 1951

  • Socialist-party

    noun 1. a U.S. political party advocating socialism, formed about 1900 chiefly by former members of the Social Democratic Party and the Socialist Labor Party. 2. any political party advocating socialism.

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