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a course of instruction in an elementary or secondary school comprising such subjects as history, geography, civics, etc.
social studies
(functioning as sing) the study of how people live and organize themselves in society, embracing geography, history, economics, and other subjects


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  • Social-tagging

    noun, Computers. 1. the practice of generating electronic tags or keywords by users rather than specialists as a way to classify and describe online content: Social tagging can enhance students’ access to online collections of art.

  • Social-unit

    noun 1. a person or a group of persons, as a family, functioning as a unit in society.

  • Social-war

    noun 1. Greek History. the war between Athens and its confederates, 357–355 b.c. 2. Roman History. the war in Italy between Rome and its allies, 90–88 b.c.

  • Social-wasp

    noun 1. any of several wasps, as the hornets or yellowjackets, that live together in a community.

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