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noun, British.
garter (def 1).


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  • Socle

    noun, Architecture. 1. a low, plain part forming a base for a column, pedestal, or the like; plinth. noun 1. another name for plinth (sense 1)

  • Socman

    noun, plural socmen. 1. sokeman. noun (pl) -men 1. (English history) a tenant holding land by socage

  • Socratically

    adjective 1. of or relating to Socrates or his philosophy, followers, etc., or to the Socratic method. noun 2. a follower of Socrates. 3. any of the Greek philosophers influenced by Socrates. adjective 1. of or relating to Socrates, his methods, etc noun 2. a person who follows the teachings of Socrates

  • Socratic-irony

    noun 1. pretended ignorance in discussion. Socratic irony noun 1. (philosophy) a means by which the pretended ignorance of a skilful questioner leads the person answering to expose his own ignorance

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