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a hollow part or piece for receiving and holding some part or thing.

a device intended to hold an electric light bulb mechanically and connect it electrically to circuit wires.
Also called wall socket. a socket placed in a wall to receive a plug that makes an electrical connection with supply wiring.


a hollow in one part that receives another part:
the socket of the eye.
the concavity of a joint:
the socket of the hip.

verb (used with object)
to place in or fit with a socket.
a device into which an electric plug can be inserted in order to make a connection in a circuit
(mainly Brit) such a device mounted on a wall and connected to the electricity supply Informal Brit names point, plug US and Canadian name outlet
a part with an opening or hollow into which some other part, such as a pipe, probe, etc, can be fitted
a spanner head having a recess suitable to be fitted over the head of a bolt and a keyway into which a wrench can be fitted

a bony hollow into which a part or structure fits: a tooth socket, an eye socket
the receptacle of a ball-and-socket joint

(transitive) to furnish with or place into a socket

socket sock·et (sŏk’ĭt)

The concave part of a joint that receives the articular end of a bone.

A hollow or concavity into which a part, such as an eye fits.

The Berkeley Unix mechansim for creating a virtual connection between processes. Sockets interface Unix’s standard I/O with its network communication facilities. They can be of two types, stream (bi-directional) or datagram (fixed length destination-addressed messages). The socket library function socket() creates a communications end-point or socket and returns a file descriptor with which to access that socket. The socket has associated with it a socket address, consisting of a port number and the local host’s network address.
Unix manual page: socket(2).


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