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Sod disease

(vet science) a disease of poultry characterized by blisters and scabs on the feet and legs


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  • Soddy

    adjective, soddier, soddiest. 1. of or relating to sod. 2. consisting of sod. noun, plural soddies. 3. Also, soddie. Western U.S. sod house. noun 1. Frederick, 1877–1956, English chemist: Nobel prize 1921. noun 1. Frederick. 1877–1956, English chemist, whose work on radioactive disintegration led to the discovery of isotopes: Nobel prize for chemistry 1921 Soddy […]

  • Soderblom

    noun 1. Nathan, 1866–1931, Swedish theologian: Nobel Peace Prize 1930.

  • Sodertalje

    noun 1. a city in SE Sweden: suburb of Stockholm.

  • Sod-house

    noun 1. a house built of strips of sod, laid like brickwork, and used especially by settlers on the Great Plains, when timber was scarce.

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