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a biscuit having soda and sour milk or buttermilk as leavening agents.
soda cracker.
soda biscuit
a biscuit leavened with sodium bicarbonate


Read Also:

  • Soda-bread

    noun 1. an Irish quick bread leavened with baking soda, usually made with buttermilk. noun 1. a type of bread leavened with sodium bicarbonate combined with milk and cream of tartar

  • Soda-cracker

    noun 1. a thin, crisp cracker or wafer prepared from a yeast dough that has been neutralized by baking soda.

  • Soda-fountain

    noun 1. a counter, as in a restaurant or drugstore, at which sodas, ice cream, light meals, etc., are served. 2. a container from which soda water is dispensed, usually through faucets. soda fountain noun (US & Canadian) 1. a counter that serves drinks, snacks, etc 2. an apparatus dispensing soda water

  • Soda-jerk

    noun, Informal. 1. a person who prepares and serves sodas and ice cream at a soda fountain. noun 1. (US, slang) a person who serves at a soda fountain socks off, the

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