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sodium hydroxide.
sodium monoxide.
sodium carbonate (def 2).
sodium, as in carbonate of soda.
soda water.
a drink made with soda water, flavoring, such as fruit or other syrups, and often ice cream, milk, etc.
soda pop.
(in faro) the card turned up in the dealing box before one begins to play.
any of a number of simple inorganic compounds of sodium, such as sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
See soda water
(US & Canadian) a fizzy drink
the top card of the pack in faro
(Austral, slang) a soda, something easily done; a pushover

soda so·da (sō’də)

Any of various forms of sodium carbonate.

Chemically combined sodium.

[D.L. Parnas & J.A. Darringer. Proc FJCC 31:449-474, AFIPS (Fall 1967)].


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