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Soft g


the consonant ‘g’ as it is pronounced in ‘gem’ and ‘giraffe’

A soft g is pronounced as a fricative or affricate.


Read Also:

  • Soft-goods

    plural noun 1. the subclass of nondurable goods as represented especially by textile products, as clothing, fabrics, and bedding. plural noun 1. textile fabrics and related merchandise

  • Soft-ground

    noun 1. an etching ground usually mixed with tallow. Compare hard ground. 2. a technique of etching in which a design is drawn on paper placed on a plate covered with a soft ground, resulting in a granular effect resembling pencil, chalk, or crayon.

  • Soft-hail

    noun 1. snow pellets. soft hail (sôft) See graupel.

  • Soft-headed

    adjective 1. foolish; stupid. adjective 1. (informal) feeble-minded; stupid; simple

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