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Soft-shell clam

an edible clam, Mya arenaria, inhabiting waters along both coasts of North America, having an oval, relatively thin, whitish shell.
soft-shell clam
any of several marine clams of the genus Mya, esp M. arenaria, an edible species of coastal regions of the US and Europe, having a thin brittle shell Sometimes shortened to soft-shell Compare quahog


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  • Soft-shell crab

    noun 1. a crab, especially the blue crab, that has recently molted and therefore has a soft, edible shell. soft-shell crab noun 1. a crab, esp of the edible species Cancer pagurus, that has recently moulted and has not yet formed its new shell Compare hard-shell crab

  • Soft-shelled

    adjective 1. Also, soft-shelled. having a soft, flexible, or fragile shell, as a crab that has recently molted. noun 2. a soft-shell animal, especially a soft-shell crab.

  • Soft-shelled turtle

    noun 1. any of numerous aquatic turtles of the family Trionychidae, inhabiting North America, Asia, and Africa, having the shell covered with flexible, leathery skin instead of horny plates. soft-shelled turtle noun 1. any freshwater turtle of the family Trionychidae, having a flattened soft shell consisting of bony plates covered by a leathery skin

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