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Software reliability

See also formal methods, safety-critical system.
(ftp://ftp.sei.cmu.edu/pub/depend-sw). Mailing list: depend-sw@sei.cmu.edu.


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  • Software rot

    programming The tendency of software that has not been used in a while to fail; such failure may be semi-humorously ascribed to bit rot. More commonly, “software rot” strikes when a program’s assumptions become out of date. If the design was insufficiently robust, this may cause it to fail in mysterious ways. For example, owing […]

  • Software theft

    legal Unauthorised duplication and/or use of computer software. This usually means unauthorised copying, either by individuals for use by themselves or their friends or by companies who then sell the illegal copies to users. Many kinds of software protection have been invented to try to reduce software theft but, with sufficient effort, it is always […]

  • Software tool

    programming A program that aids in the development of other programs. It may assist the programmer in the design, code, compile, link, edit, or debug phases. (1996-05-28)

  • Softwarily

    /soft-weir’i-lee/ In a way pertaining to software. “The system is softwarily unreliable.” The adjective “softwary” is *not* used. See hardwarily. [Jargon File]

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