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pedology1 .


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  • Soil-stack

    noun, Plumbing. 1. a vertical soil pipe.

  • Soilure

    noun 1. a stain. noun (archaic) 1. the act of soiling or the state of being soiled 2. a stain or blot

  • Soiree

    noun 1. an evening party or social gathering, especially one held for a particular purpose: a musical soiree. noun 1. an evening party or other gathering given usually at a private house, esp where guests are invited to listen to, play, or dance to music

  • Soixante-neuf

    [swah-sahnt-nurf, -nuhf; French swa-sahnt-nœf] /ˌswɑ sɑntˈnɜrf, -ˈnʌf; French swa sɑ̃tˈnœf/ noun 1. sixty-nine (def 4). soixante-neuf /swasɑ̃tnœf/ noun 1. a sexual activity in which two people simultaneously stimulate each other’s genitalia with their mouths Also sixty-nine

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