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grass or leafy plants raised as feed for fenced-in livestock.
an act or instance of soiling.
the condition of being soiled.
green fodder, esp when freshly cut and fed to livestock in a confined area


Read Also:

  • Soil-bank

    noun 1. a plan providing cash payments to farmers who cut production of certain surplus crops in favor of soil-enriching ones. noun 1. (in the US) a federal programme by which farmers are paid to divert land to soil-enriching crops

  • Soil-binder

    noun 1. a plant that prevents or inhibits erosion by providing a ground cover and forming a dense network of roots that hold the soil.

  • Soil-conditioner

    noun 1. any of various organic or inorganic materials added to soil to improve its structure.

  • Soil-conservation

    noun 1. any of various methods to achieve the maximum utilization of the land and preserve its resources through such controls as crop rotation, prevention of soil erosion, etc. soil conservation noun 1. the preservation of soil against deterioration or erosion, and the maintenance of the fertilizing elements for crop production

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