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energy radiated from the sun in the form of electromagnetic waves, including visible and ultraviolet light and infrared radiation.


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  • Solar-sail

    noun 1. Aerospace. a design concept for spacecraft propulsion consisting of a very thin, very large sheet of highly polished material that would be driven by the pressure of sunlight. noun 1. a device that reflects light particles from the Sun, gaining momentum in the opposite direction to propel spacecraft forwards solar sail A saillike […]

  • Solar-ship

    noun 1. (in ancient Egypt) a boat placed in or near the tomb of a king to transport him to the sun.

  • Solar-still

    noun 1. an apparatus that uses solar radiation to distill salt or brackish water to produce drinkable water.

  • Solar-storm

    noun 1. a temporary disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field, induced by radiation and streams of charged particles from the sun. magnetic storm noun 1. a sudden severe disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field, caused by emission of charged particles from the sun noun See geomagnetic storm magnetic storm A disturbance or fluctuation in the […]

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