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the interpretation of myths by reference to the sun, especially such interpretation carried to an extreme.
the explanation of myths in terms of the movements and influence of the sun


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  • Solarize

    verb (used with object), solarized, solarizing. 1. Photography. to reverse (an image) partially, as from negative to positive, by exposure to light during development. 2. to adapt (a building) to the use of solar energy: We hope to solarize our house within five years. 3. to affect by sunlight. verb (used without object), solarized, solarizing. […]

  • Solar-mass

    noun 1. the unit, equivalent to the mass of the sun, in which the masses of stars and other celestial objects are given: a black hole of one million solar masses. noun 1. an astronomical unit of mass equal to the sun’s mass, 1.981 × 1030 kilograms M⊙

  • Solar myth

    noun 1. a myth explaining or allegorizing the origin or movement of the sun

  • Solar-neutrino-unit

    noun 1. Astronomy. a unit equal to 10 −36 neutrino captures per second per target atom, used as a measure of the flux of neutrino radiation from the sun. Abbreviation: SNU.

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