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Soldier crab

a small blue Australian estuarine crab of the Mictyris genus usually found in large numbers


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  • Soldierfish

    noun, plural (especially collectively) soldierfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) soldierfishes. 1. any of several squirrelfishes of the family Holocentridae. 2. any of various other brightly colored fishes.

  • Soldier-fly

    noun 1. any of several flies of the family Stratiomyidae, characterized by brightly colored abdominal stripes.

  • Soldierly

    adjective 1. of, like, or befitting a soldier. adjective 1. of or befitting a good soldier

  • Soldier-of-fortune

    noun 1. a person who independently seeks pleasure, wealth, etc., through adventurous exploits. 2. a military adventurer, ready to serve anywhere for pay or for pleasure. soldier of fortune noun 1. a man who seeks money or adventure as a soldier; mercenary

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