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of or relating to a solenoid.
Mathematics. (of a vector or vector function) having divergence equal to zero.


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  • Solent

    noun 1. The, a channel between the Isle of Wight and the mainland of S England. 2–5 miles (3.2–8 km) wide. noun 1. the Solent, a strait of the English Channel between the coast of Hampshire, on the English mainland, and the Isle of Wight. Width: up to 6 km (4 miles)

  • Soleplate

    noun, Carpentry. 1. a plate upon which studding is erected.

  • Soler

    noun 1. Padre Antonio [ahn-taw-nyaw] /ɑnˈtɔ nyɔ/ (Show IPA), 1729–83, Spanish organist and composer.

  • Solar-cycle

    noun, Astronomy. 1. the variation of sunspots, prominences, flares, and other solar activity through an 11-year cycle.

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