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a three-dimensional figure formed by revolving a plane area about a given axis.


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  • Solid-propellant

    noun 1. a rocket propellant in solid form, usually containing a mixture or combination of fuel and oxidizer.

  • Solid-solution

    noun 1. a solid, homogeneous mixture of substances, as glass or certain alloys. 2. (in a crystal structure) the more or less complete substitution of one kind of atom, ion, or molecule for another that is chemically different but similar in size and shape; isomorphism. solid solution noun 1. (chem) a crystalline material in which […]

  • Solid-south

    noun 1. the states of the southern U.S. that traditionally supported the Democratic Party after the Civil War.

  • Solid-state

    adjective, Electronics. 1. designating or pertaining to electronic devices, as transistors or crystals, that can control current without the use of moving parts, heated filaments, or vacuum gaps. noun 1. (modifier) (of an electronic device) activated by a semiconductor component in which current flow is through solid material rather than in a vacuum 2. (modifier) […]

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