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Solitary tract

solitary tract n.
A slender compact bundle of primary sensory fibers that accompany the vagus, glossopharyngeal, and facial nerves and convey information from stretch receptors and chemoreceptors in the walls of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and intestinal tracts and impulses generated by the receptor cells of the taste buds in the tongue.


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  • Solitary-vireo

    noun 1. a vireo, Vireo solitarius, of North and Central America, having the top and sides of the head bluish-gray.

  • Solitary-wasp

    noun 1. any of numerous wasps, as the sand wasps or mud wasps, that do not live in a community.

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    noun, Mathematics, Physics. 1. a localized disturbance that propagates like a wave but resembles a particle in that it does not disperse, even if it collides with other such waves.

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