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Solution of contiguity

solution of contiguity n.
A dislocation or displacement of two normally contiguous parts.


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  • Solution of continuity

    solution of continuity n. A division of bones or of soft parts that are normally continuous, as by a fracture, a laceration, or an incision. Also called dieresis.

  • Solutizer

    noun, Chemistry. 1. any admixture to a substance for promoting or increasing its solubility or that of one or more of its components.

  • Solutrean

    adjective 1. Archaeology. of or designating an Upper Paleolithic European culture c18,000–16,000 b.c., characterized by the making of stone projectile points and low-relief stone sculptures. adjective 1. of or relating to an Upper Palaeolithic culture of Europe that was characterized by leaf-shaped flint blades Solutrean also Solutrian (sə-l’trē-ən) Relating to an Upper Paleolithic culture in […]

  • Solvability

    adjective 1. capable of being solved, as a problem. 2. Mathematics. (of a group) having a normal series of subgroups in which successive quotient groups are Abelian. 3. Archaic. soluble (def 1). adjective 1. another word for soluble (sense 1)

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