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  • Soma

    noun, plural somata [soh-muh-tuh] /ˈsoʊ mə tə/ (Show IPA), somas. Biology. 1. the body of an organism as contrasted with its germ cells. noun 1. haoma (def 1). Pharmacology, Trademark. 1. a brand of carisoprodol. 1. a variant of -some3 , used especially in the formation of names of zoological genera: Schistosoma. noun (pl) -mata […]

  • Somaesthesia

    /ˌsɒmɪsˈθiːzɪə/ noun 1. sensory perception of bodily feelings like touch, pain, position of the limbs, etc

  • Somali

    noun, plural Somalis (especially collectively) Somali. 1. a member of a Hamitic population showing an admixture of Arab, black, and other ancestry, and dwelling in Somalia and adjacent regions. 2. the Cushitic language of the Somali. adjective 3. of or relating to Somalia,its people, or their language. noun 1. (pl) -lis, -li. a member of […]

  • Somalian

    noun 1. an independent republic on the E coast of Africa, formed from the former British Somaliland and the former Italian Somaliland. 246,198 sq. mi. (637,653 sq. km). Capital: Mogadishu. adjective 1. of or relating to Somalia or its inhabitants noun 2. a native or inhabitant of Somalia noun 1. a republic in NE Africa, […]

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