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of the body; bodily; physical.
Anatomy, Zoology. pertaining to the body wall of an animal.
Cell Biology. pertaining to or affecting the somatic cells, as distinguished from the germ cells.
of or relating to the soma: somatic cells
of or relating to an animal body or body wall as distinct from the viscera, limbs, and head
of or relating to the human body as distinct from the mind: a somatic disease

somatic so·mat·ic (sō-māt’ĭk)

Of, relating to, or affecting the body, especially as distinguished from a body part, the mind, or the environment; corporeal or physical.

Of or relating to the wall of the body cavity, especially as distinguished from the head, limbs, or viscera.

Relating to the vegetative, as distinguished from the generative, functions.

Of or relating to a somatic cell or the somatoplasm.

so·mat’i·cal·ly adv.
Relating to the body. ◇ The cells of the body with the exception of the reproductive cells (gametes) are known as somatic cells. See Note at mitosis.


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