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verb (used with object), somaticized, somaticizing. Psychiatry.
to convert (anxiety) into physical symptoms.


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  • Somite

    noun 1. any of the longitudinal series of segments or parts into which the body of certain animals is divided; a metamere. 2. Embryology. one member of a series of paired segments into which the thickened dorsal zone of mesoderm is divided. noun 1. (embryol) any of a series of dorsal paired segments of mesoderm […]

  • Sommelier

    noun, plural sommeliers [suhm-uh l-yeyz; French saw-muh-lyey] /ˌsʌm əlˈyeɪz; French sɔ məˈlyeɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. a waiter, as in a club or restaurant, who is in charge of wines. noun 1. a wine steward in a restaurant or hotel

  • Somn

    1. a combining form meaning “sleep”, used in the formation of compound words: somnifacient. combining form 1. sleep: somniferous somni- or somn- pref. Sleep: somnambulism.

  • Somnambulant

    [som-nam-byuh-leyt, suh m-] /sɒmˈnæm byəˌleɪt, səm-/ verb (used without object), somnambulated, somnambulating. 1. to walk during sleep; sleepwalk. somnambulate /sɒmˈnæmbjʊˌleɪt/ verb 1. (intransitive) to walk while asleep adjective of walking when asleep; also called somnambulic

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