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a mental illness, usually beginning before age 20, characterized by multiple physical complaints for which no physical causes can be found and often leading to unnecessary treatment or surgery and to severe disability.

somatization disorder n.
A disorder characterized by an individual’s seeking help for and acquiring a complicated medical history of multiple physical symptoms referring to a variety of organ systems, but for whose complaints there is no detectable organic disorder or injury.


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  • Somato-

    1. a combining form meaning “body,” used in the formation of compound words: somatotonia. combining form 1. body: somatoplasm somato- or somat- pref. Body: somatopathic. Soma: somatoplasm.

  • Somatochrome

    somatochrome so·mat·o·chrome (sō-māt’ə-krōm’, sō’mə-tə-) n. A nerve cell in which there is an abundance of cytoplasm completely surrounding the nucleus.

  • Somatoform

    adjective 1. characterized by symptoms suggesting a physical disorder but for which there are no demonstrable organic findings or known physiological mechanisms.

  • Somatoliberin

    somatoliberin so·mat·o·lib·er·in (sō-māt’ə-lĭb’ər-ĭn, sō’mə-tə-) n. A decapeptide that is released by the hypothalamus and induces the release of somatotropin. Also called growth hormone-releasing factor, somatotropin-releasing factor.

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