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adjective, Archaic.


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  • Some

    adjective 1. being an undetermined or unspecified one: Some person may object. 2. (used with plural nouns) certain: Some days I stay home. 3. of a certain unspecified number, amount, degree, etc.: to some extent. 4. unspecified but considerable in number, amount, degree, etc.: We talked for some time. He was here some weeks. 5. […]

  • Somebody

    pronoun 1. some person. noun, plural somebodies. 2. a person of some note or importance. pronoun 1. some person; someone noun (pl) -bodies 2. a person of greater importance than others: he seems to be somebody in this town so long

  • Somebody up there loves me

    I am having very good luck right now; also, someone with influence is favoring me. For example, I won $40 on that horse—somebody up there loves me, or I don’t know how I got that great assignment; somebody up there loves me. This idiom, generally used half-jokingly, alludes either to heavenly intervention or to the […]

  • Somedeal

    adverb, Archaic. 1. somewhat.

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