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(US & Canadian, informal) in, at, or to some unspecified place or region


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  • Somer

    noun, Obsolete. 1. summer2 (def 1). adjective 1. being an undetermined or unspecified one: Some person may object. 2. (used with plural nouns) certain: Some days I stay home. 3. of a certain unspecified number, amount, degree, etc.: to some extent. 4. unspecified but considerable in number, amount, degree, etc.: We talked for some time. […]

  • Some random x

    jargon Used to indicate a member of class X, with the implication that Xs are interchangeable. “I think some random cracker tripped over the guest timeout last night.” See also J. Random. [Jargon File] (1995-03-03)

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    noun 1. a city in SE Massachusetts. 2. a town in S Kentucky. 3. Somersetshire. noun 1. an acrobatic movement, either forward or backward, in which the body rolls end over end, making a complete revolution. 2. such a movement performed in the air as part of a dive, tumbling routine, etc. 3. a complete […]

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