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in or at some place not specified, determined, or known:
They live somewhere in Michigan.
to some place not specified or known:
They went out somewhere.
at or to some point in amount, degree, etc. (usually followed by about, near, etc.):
He is somewhere about 60 years old.
at some point of time (usually followed by about, between, in, etc.):
somewhere about 1930; somewhere between 1930 and 1940; somewhere in the 1930s.
an unspecified or uncertain place.
in, to, or at some unknown or unspecified place or point: somewhere in England, somewhere between 3 and 4 o’clock
(informal) get somewhere, to make progress


Read Also:

  • Somewhere along the line

    At some point in time, as in Somewhere along the line I’m sure I climbed that mountain. [ Mid-1900s ]

  • Somewhile

    adverb, Archaic. 1. at some former time. 2. at one time or another; sometime. 3. at times; sometimes. 4. for some time.

  • Somatic motor neuron

    somatic motor neuron n. A motor neuron forming a direct synapse with striated muscle fibers via a motor endplate.

  • Somaticizing

    verb (used with object), somaticized, somaticizing. Psychiatry. 1. to convert (anxiety) into physical symptoms.

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