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noun, Music.
a composition for one or two instruments, typically in three or four movements in contrasted forms and keys.
an instrumental composition, usually in three or more movements, for piano alone (piano sonata) or for any other instrument with or without piano accompaniment (violin sonata, cello sonata, etc) See also sonata form, symphony (sense 1), concerto (sense 1)
a one-movement keyboard composition of the baroque period
sonata [(suh-nah-tuh)]

A musical composition for one or two instruments, usually in three or four movements. The sonata of the classic era in music had a definite arrangement for its movements: the first and fourth had a fast tempo, the second had a slow tempo, and the third was in either playful style (a “scherzo”) or in dance form (a “minuet”).
operating system
The code name for the major Mac OS release due in mid-1999.


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    [suh-nah-tuh duh kah-mer-uh; Italian saw-nah-tah dah kah-me-rah] /səˈnɑ tə də ˈkɑ mər ə; Italian sɔˈnɑ tɑ dɑ ˈkɑ mɛ rɑ/ noun 1. an instrumental musical form, common in the Baroque period, usually consisting of a series of dances.

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