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sonication son·i·ca·tion (sŏn’ĭ-kā’shən)
The process of dispersing, disrupting, or inactivating biological materials, such as viruses, by use of sound-wave energy.


Read Also:

  • Sonic-barrier

    noun 1. sound barrier. sonic barrier noun 1. another name for sound barrier sonic barrier (sŏn’ĭk) See sound barrier. sonic barrier definition See sound barrier.

  • Sonic-boom

    noun 1. a loud noise caused by the shock wave generated by an aircraft moving at supersonic speed. noun 1. a loud explosive sound caused by the shock wave of an aircraft, etc, travelling at supersonic speed sonic boom A shock wave of compressed air caused by an aircraft traveling faster than the speed of […]

  • Sonic-depth-finder

    noun 1. a sonar instrument that uses echolocation to measure depths under water. sonic depth finder noun 1. an instrument for detecting the depth of water or of a submerged object by means of sound waves; Fathometer See also sonar

  • Sonic-mine

    noun 1. acoustic mine. acoustic mine noun 1. a naval mine designed to be exploded by the vibration of the propeller of a passing ship or by the sound of water along the hull.

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