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a composer of sonnets.
verb (used without object)
to compose sonnets; sonnetize.
a writer of sonnets


Read Also:

  • Sonnetize

    verb (used without object), sonnetized, sonnetizing. 1. to write sonnets. verb (used with object), sonnetized, sonnetizing. 2. to write sonnets on or to.

  • Sonnet-sequence

    noun 1. a group of sonnets composed by one poet and having a unifying theme or subject.

  • Sonnets-from-the-portuguese

    noun 1. a sonnet sequence (1850) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

  • Sonny

    noun 1. little son (often used as a familiar term of address to a boy). 2. (used as a term of direct address to express contempt, derision, etc.): No, sonny, you can’t park there! noun 1. a male given name. noun 1. Theodore Walter (“Sonny”) born 1930, U.S. jazz saxophonist and composer. noun (pl) -nies […]

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