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of the nature of ; fallacious.
characteristic or suggestive of .
given to the use of .
of or relating to or .
Historical Examples

sophistic is the shadow or counterfeit of law-giving: Rhetoric, of judging or adjudicating.
Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates, 3rd ed. Volume II (of 4) George Grote

Mr. Jowett censures this speech as sophistic and confused in view.
A Problem in Greek Ethics John Addington Symonds

Mr. Poste observes in his note: The sophistic locus of tautology may be considered as a caricature of a dialectic locus.
Aristotle George Grote

What they had, perhaps, acquired from the sophistic movement was a touch of effrontery.
Euripedes and His Age Gilbert Murray

Thus the sophistic position that man is for man the measure of all things is irrefutable.
Studies of the Greek Poets (Vol I of 2) John Addington Symonds

The truth is, that there is no clear distinction between the matter of Dialectic and the matter of sophistic.
Aristotle George Grote

The sophistic philosophy should be characterized as the clearing up reflection.
A History of Philosophy in Epitome Albert Schwegler

Her honesty was like pure gold, unalloyed, unmixed with sophistic subterfuges.
The Carpet from Bagdad Harold MacGrath

It exhibits, after all allowance for peculiar Greek sentiments, the rhetorical development of a sophistic thesis.
Studies of the Greek Poets (Vol I of 2) John Addington Symonds

The great fundamental thought of the sophistic philosophy, that all moral acting must be a conscious act, was also his.
A History of Philosophy in Epitome Albert Schwegler

of or relating to sophists or sophistry
consisting of sophisms or sophistry; specious

1540s, from Latin sophisticus, from Greek sophistikos “like a sophist, sophistical,” from sophistes (see sophist). Related: Sophistical (late 15c.); sophistically (late 14c.).


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