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noun, Theology.
the doctrine of salvation through Jesus Christ.
(theol) the doctrine of salvation


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  • Sothern

    noun 1. E(dward) H(ugh) 1859–1933, U.S. actor, born in England: husband of Julia Marlowe.

  • Sothic

    noun 1. the name for the star Sirius, the Dog Star, given by the ancient Egyptians. adjective 1. relating to the star Sirius or to the rising of this star noun 1. another name for Sirius

  • Sothic-cycle

    noun 1. (in the ancient Egyptian calendar) a period of 1460 Sothic years.

  • Sothic-year

    noun 1. the fixed year of the ancient Egyptians, determined by the heliacal rising of Sirius, and equivalent to 365 days. noun 1. the fixed year of the ancient Egyptians, 365 days 6 hours long, beginning with the appearance of the star Sirius on the eastern horizon at dawn, which heralded the yearly flooding of […]

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