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verb (used without object)
to make a rushing, rustling, or murmuring sound:
the wind soughing in the meadow.
Scot. and North England. to speak, especially to preach, in a whining, singsong voice.
a sighing, rustling, or murmuring sound.
Scot. and North England.

a sigh or deep breath.
a whining, singsong manner of speaking.
a rumor; unconfirmed report.

drain; drainage ditch, gutter, or sewer.
a swampy or marshy area.
verb (used with object)
to drain (land or a mine) by building drainage ditches or the like.
(intransitive) (esp of the wind) to make a characteristic sighing sound
a soft continuous murmuring sound
(Northern English, dialect) a sewer or drain or an outlet channel


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