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[sound-uh n-lahyt] /ˈsaʊnd ənˈlaɪt/
combining sound effects or music with unusual lighting displays:
to promote a product with a spectacular sound-and-light presentation.


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  • Sound-and-light show

    noun 1. a nighttime spectacle or performance, at which a building, historic site, etc., is illuminated and the historic significance is imparted to spectators by means of narration, sound effects, and music.

  • Sound-and-the-fury

    noun 1. a novel (1929) by William Faulkner.

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    safe in strength, the chief ruler of the synagogue at Corinth, who was seized and beaten by the mob in the presence of Gallio, the Roman governor, when he refused to proceed against Paul at the instigation of the Jews (Acts 18:12-17). The motives of this assault against Sosthenes are not recorded, nor is it […]

  • Sorrento

    noun 1. a seaport in SW Italy, on the Bay of Naples: resort; cathedral; ancient ruins. noun 1. a port in SW Italy, in Campania on a mountainous peninsula between the Bay of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno: a resort since Roman times. Pop: 16 536 (2001)

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