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a printed circuit board inserted into a computer, enabling the output and manipulation of sound


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  • Sound card

    A plug-in optional circuit card for an IBM PC. It provides high-quality stereo sound output under program control. A “multimedia” PC usually includes a sound card. One of the best known is the Sound Blaster. [Other kinds?] (1995-03-01)

  • Sounded

    noun 1. the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium. 2. mechanical vibrations transmitted through an elastic medium, traveling in air at a speed of approximately 1087 feet (331 meters) per second at sea level. 3. the particular auditory effect produced by a given […]

  • Sound-effect

    noun 1. any sound, other than music or speech, artificially reproduced to create an effect in a dramatic presentation, as the sound of a storm or a creaking door. sound effect noun 1. any sound artificially produced, reproduced from a recording, etc, to create a theatrical effect, such as the bringing together of two halves […]

  • Sounder

    noun 1. a person or thing that makes a sound or noise, or sounds something. 2. Telegraphy. an instrument for receiving telegraphic impulses that emits the sounds from which the message is read. noun 1. a person or thing that sounds depth, as of water. adjective, sounder, soundest. 1. free from injury, damage, defect, disease, […]

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