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original, authoritative, or basic materials utilized in research, as diaries or manuscripts.


Read Also:

  • Source of all good bits

    jargon, job A person from whom (or a place from which) useful information may be obtained. If you need to know about a program, a guru might be the source of all good bits. The title is often applied to a particularly competent secretary. [Jargon File] (2001-01-27)

  • Source package

    software A collection (usually an archive file) containing all the files necessary to build and modify a piece of software. A Debian source package includes the original source archive (.orig.tar.gz), Debianisation diffs (-.diff.gz) and a Debian source control file (-.dsc). (2000-05-31)

  • Source program

    noun 1. an original computer program written by a programmer that is converted into the equivalent object program, written in machine language, by the compiler or assembler

  • Source route

    messaging An electronic mail address which specifies the route the message should take as a sequence of hostnames. It is called a source route because the route is determined at the source of the message rather than at each stage as is now more common. The most common kind of source route is a UUCP […]

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