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noun, Informal.
a person having a grouchy disposition that is often accompanied by a scowling facial expression.
(informal) a person whose facial expression or nature is habitually gloomy or sullen


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  • Sour-salt

    noun 1. crystals of citric acid used as a flavoring in foods, carbonated beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Soursop

    noun 1. the large, dark-green, slightly acid, pulpy fruit of a small West Indian tree, Annona muricata, of the annona family. 2. the tree itself. noun 1. a small West Indian tree, Annona muricata, having large spiny fruit: family Annonaceae 2. the fruit of this tree, which has a tart edible pulp Compare sweetsop

  • Sourveld

    noun 1. (in South Africa) a type of grazing characterized by long coarse grass

  • Sourwood

    noun 1. sorrel tree. noun 1. another name for sorrel tree

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