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a city in N New Jersey.


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  • South-platte

    noun 1. a river flowing NE from central Colorado to the Platte River in W Nebraska. 424 miles (683 km) long.

  • South-polar-region

    1. the regions of land and water surrounding the South Pole.

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    noun 1. Geography. the southern end of the earth’s axis, the southernmost point on earth. 2. Astronomy. the point at which the axis of the earth extended cuts the southern half of the celestial sphere; the south celestial pole. 3. (lowercase) the pole of a magnet that seeks the earth’s south magnetic pole. 4. (lowercase) […]

  • Southport

    noun 1. a seaport in Merseyside, in W England: resort. noun 1. a town and resort in NW England, in Sefton unitary authority, Merseyside on the Irish Sea. Pop: 91 404 (2001)

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