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traveling southward.
pertaining to southward travel.
going or leading towards the south


Read Also:

  • Southbridge

    noun 1. a town in S Massachusetts. architecture The integrated circuit in a core logic chip set that controls the IDE bus, USB, plug-n-play support, the PCI-ISA bridge, keyboard/mouse controller, power management, and various other features. One brand provides sound card functions. Other functions are provided by the northbridge chip. (http://maximumpc.com/terminator/terminator_s.html). (2000-01-15)

  • South-burlington

    noun 1. a town in NW Vermont.

  • Southbury

    noun 1. a town in S Connecticut.

  • South-by-east

    noun, Navigation, Surveying. 1. a point on the compass 11°15′ east of south. Abbreviation: SbE. south by east noun 1. one point on the compass east of south; 168° 45′ clockwise from north adjective, adverb 2. in, from, or towards this direction

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