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[south-eest-werd-lee; Nautical sou-eest-werd-lee] /ˌsaʊθˈist wərd li; Nautical ˌsaʊˈist wərd li/
adjective, adverb
toward or from the southeast.


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  • Southeastwards

    [south-eest-werd; Nautical sou-eest-werd] /ˌsaʊθˈist wərd; Nautical ˌsaʊˈist wərd/ adverb 1. Also, southeastwards. toward the southeast. adjective 2. facing or tending toward the southeast. 3. coming from the southeast, as a wind. noun 4. the southeast. southeastwards /ˌsaʊθˈiːstwədz; nautical ˌsaʊˈiːstwədz/ adverb 1. to the southeast southeastward /ˌsaʊθˈiːstwəd; nautical ˌsaʊˈiːstwəd/ adjective 1. towards or (esp of a […]

  • South-el-monte

    noun 1. a town in SW California.

  • Southend-on-Sea

    [south-end-on-see, -awn-] /ˈsaʊθˌɛnd ɒnˈsi, -ɔn-/ noun 1. a seaport in SE Essex, in SE England, on Thames estuary. Southend-on-Sea /ˌsaʊθˈɛnd-/ noun 1. a town in SE England, in SE Essex on the Thames estuary: one of England’s largest resorts, extending for about 11 km (7 miles) along the coast. Pop: 160 257 (2001) 2. a […]

  • South-equatorial-current

    noun 1. an ocean current, flowing westward, found near the equator in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

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