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Southern belle


a beautiful and charming woman from the southern US


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  • Southern-blight

    noun, Plant Pathology. 1. a disease of peanuts, tomatoes, and other plants, caused by a fungus, Sclerotium rolfsii, affecting the roots and resulting in rapid wilting.

  • Southern-blot

    noun, Biology, Medicine/Medical. 1. a procedure for identifying and measuring the amount of a specific DNA sequence or gene in a mixed extract, as in testing for a mutation or a virus: DNA strands from the person or organism under study are cut with restriction enzymes, separated by gel electrophoresis, transferred to special filter paper, […]

  • Southern blot analysis

    Southern blot analysis South·ern blot analysis (sŭð’ərn) n. An electrophoretic procedure used to separate and identify DNA sequences.

  • Southern british english

    noun 1. the dialect of spoken English regarded as standard in England and considered as having high social status in comparison with other British English dialects. Historically, it is derived from the S East Midland dialect of Middle English SBE See also Received Pronunciation

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