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Southern sotho

another name for Sesotho


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  • Southern-sporades

    plural noun 1. See under Sporades. plural noun 1. two groups of Greek islands in the Aegean: the one (Northern Sporades) off the E coast of Greece; the other (Southern Sporades) including the Dodecanese, off the SW coast of Asia Minor. plural noun 1. two groups of Greek islands in the Aegean: the Northern Sporades, […]

  • Southern stars

    plural noun 1. the Australian women’s national cricket team In full Commonwealth Bank Southern Stars

  • Southern-studfish

    noun 1. See under studfish. noun, plural (especially collectively) studfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) studfishes. 1. either of two killifishes marked with orange spots, Fundulus catenatus (northern studfish) of the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers and Ozark Mountains region, or F. stellifer (southern studfish) of the Alabama River.

  • Southern-toad

    noun 1. a common toad, Bufo terrestris, of the southeastern U.S., having prominent knoblike crests on its head.

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