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(South African, derogatory, slang) an English-speaking South African


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  • Soutter

    noun, Scot. and North England. 1. souter. noun, Scot. and North England. 1. a person who makes or repairs shoes; cobbler; shoemaker. noun 1. (Scot & Northern English) a shoemaker or cobbler

  • Souvanna Phouma

    [soo-vahn-nah poo-mah] /suˈvɑn nɑ ˈpu mɑ/ noun 1. Prince, 1901–84, Laotian statesman: premier 1951–54, 1956–58, 1960, and 1962–75.

  • Souvenir

    noun 1. a usually small and relatively inexpensive article given, kept, or purchased as a reminder of a place visited, an occasion, etc.; memento. 2. a memory. noun 1. an object that recalls a certain place, occasion, or person; memento verb (transitive) 2. (Austral & NZ, euphemistic, slang) to steal or keep (something, esp a […]

  • Souvenir-sheet

    noun, Philately. 1. a single stamp or a pair, block, or set of stamps having the same or different designs commemorating a stamp exhibition or other event and having inscriptions in one or all four margins.

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