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noun, Rocketry.
a vehicle designed to put payloads in orbit about the earth or to boost payloads for extraterrestrial exploration.


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    noun 1. (computing) a keyed space in text or data

  • Space-charge

    noun, Electricity. 1. a distribution of an excess of electrons or ions over a three-dimensional region, in contrast to the distribution of an electric charge over the surface of a conductor.

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    complexity The way in which the amount of storage space required by an algorithm varies with the size of the problem it is solving. Space complexity is normally expressed as an order of magnitude, e.g. O(N^2) means that if the size of the problem (N) doubles then four times as much working storage will be […]

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    noun, plural spacecraft. 1. a vehicle designed for travel or operation in space beyond the earth’s atmosphere or in orbit around the earth. noun 1. a manned or unmanned vehicle designed to orbit the earth or travel to celestial objects for the purpose of research, exploration, etc

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