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having no limits or dimensions in space; limitless; unbounded.
occupying no space.
adjective (mainly literary)
having no limits in space; infinite or boundless
occupying no space


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  • Spaceman

    noun, plural spacemen [speys-men, -muh n] /ˈspeɪsˌmɛn, -mən/ (Show IPA) 1. an astronaut. 2. a visitor to earth from outer space; extraterrestrial. noun (pl) -men, -women 1. a person who travels in outer space, esp one trained to participate in a space flight

  • Space-man

    noun 1. space writer.

  • Space-mark

    noun, Printing. 1. a proofreader’s symbol used to indicate the need to insert space, as between two typed or printed words that have been run together. Symbol: #.

  • Space-medicine

    noun 1. the branch of aviation medicine dealing with the effects on humans of flying outside the earth’s atmosphere. space medicine noun 1. the branch of medicine concerned with the effects on man of flight outside the earth’s atmosphere Compare aviation medicine space medicine n. The medical science that is concerned with the biological, physiological, […]

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