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Spade guinea

(Brit, history) a guinea decorated with a spade-shaped shield, coined during the reign of George III


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  • Spades

    noun 1. a tool for digging, having an iron blade adapted for pressing into the ground with the foot and a long handle commonly with a grip or crosspiece at the top, and with the blade usually narrower and flatter than that of a shovel. 2. some implement, piece, or part resembling this. 3. a […]

  • Spadework

    noun 1. preliminary or initial work, such as the gathering of data, on which further activity is to be based. noun 1. dull or routine preparatory work

  • Spadger

    noun 1. (English, dialect) a sparrow

  • Spadiceous

    adjective 1. Botany. of the nature of a spadix. bearing a spadix. 2. of a bright brown color. adjective 1. (botany) producing or resembling a spadix 2. of a bright brown colour

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