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Spare-part surgery

surgical replacement of defective or damaged organs by transplant or insertion of artificial devices


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  • Sparerib

    noun 1. a cut of pork ribs with most of the meat trimmed off

  • Spareribs

    noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. a cut of meat from the rib section, especially of pork or beef, with some meat adhering to the bones. 2. a dish of this meat, usually baked, roasted, or barbecued with a pungent sauce.

  • Spares

    verb (used with object), spared, sparing. 1. to refrain from harming or destroying; leave uninjured; forbear to punish, hurt, or destroy: to spare one’s enemy. 2. to deal gently or leniently with; show consideration for: His harsh criticism spared no one. 3. to save from strain, discomfort, embarrassment, or the like, or from a particular […]

  • Spare the rod and spoil the child

    Discipline is necessary for good upbringing, as in She lets Richard get away with anything—spare the rod, you know. This adage appears in the Bible (Proverbs 13:24) and made its way into practically every proverb collection. It originally referred to corporal punishment. It is still quoted, often in shortened form, and today does not necessarily […]

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