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Spark annotation language

(SAL) ICL, Ltd. Used in the verification of SPARK programs against Z specifications.


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  • Spark-arrester

    noun 1. a device, consisting of wire netting or other material, used to stop or deflect sparks thrown from an open fireplace, a smokestack, or the like. 2. Electricity. a device to reduce sparking at contacts where a circuit is opened and closed. spark arrester (spärk) A device designed to keep sparks from escaping, as […]

  • Spark-chamber

    noun, Physics. 1. a device for detecting elementary particles, consisting of a series of charged plates separated by a gas so that the passage of a charged particle causes sparking between adjacent plates. spark chamber noun 1. (physics) a device for detecting ionizing radiation, consisting of two oppositely charged metal plates in a chamber containing […]

  • Spark-coil

    noun, Electricity. 1. a coil of many turns of insulated wire on an iron core, used for producing sparks. noun 1. an induction coil used to produce spark discharges spark coil An induction coil used to induce sparks in the spark plugs of an internal combustion engine. See more at induction coil.

  • Sparker

    noun 1. something that produces sparks. 2. an apparatus used to test insulation on wires. noun 1. a lover, swain, or beau.

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