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Pathology. a sudden, abnormal, involuntary muscular contraction, consisting of a continued muscular contraction (tonic spasm) or of a series of alternating muscular contractions and relaxations (clonic spasm)
any sudden, brief spell of great energy, activity, feeling, etc.
an involuntary muscular contraction, esp one resulting in cramp or convulsion
a sudden burst of activity, emotion, etc

spasm (spāz’əm)

A sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles.

A muscle spasm.


Read Also:

  • Spasmatic

    adjective given to spasms; spasmodic

  • Spasm-band

    noun 1. an old-time jazz band, flourishing especially in the late 19th century, the members of which used improvised instruments, as cigar boxes, barrels, kazoos, whistles, and jugs, and often marched in the street while performing.

  • Spasmo-

    spasmo- pref. Spasm: spasmolysis.

  • Spansule

    noun 1. a modified-release capsule of a drug

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