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noun, German.


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  • Spaulder

    noun, Armor. 1. a pauldron, especially one for protecting only a shoulder.

  • Spavin

    noun, Veterinary Pathology. 1. a disease of the hock joint of horses in which enlargement occurs because of collected fluids (bog spavin) bony growth (bone spavin) or distention of the veins (blood spavin) 2. an excrescence or enlargement so formed. noun 1. (vet science) enlargement of the hock of a horse by a bony growth […]

  • Spavined

    adjective 1. suffering from or affected with spavin. 2. being of or marked by a decrepit or broken-down condition: a spavined old school bus abandoned in a field. adjective 1. (vet science) affected with spavin; lame 2. decrepit or worn out

  • Spawn

    noun, plural spawn, spawns. 1. Zoology. the mass of eggs deposited by fishes, amphibians, mollusks, crustaceans, etc. 2. Mycology. the mycelium of mushrooms, especially of the species grown for the market. 3. Usually Disparaging. a swarming brood; numerous progeny: Diners at the restaurant were annoyed by the two inconsiderate parents and their unruly spawn. 4. […]

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