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Speaking clock

(Brit) a telephone service that gives a precise verbal statement of the correct time


Read Also:

  • Speaking-in-tongues

    noun 1. a form of glossolalia in which a person experiencing religious ecstasy utters incomprehensible sounds that the speaker believes are a language spoken through him or her by a deity. speaking in tongues noun 1. another term for gift of tongues

  • Speaking trumpet

    noun 1. a trumpet-shaped instrument used to carry the voice a great distance or held to the ear by a deaf person to aid his hearing

  • Speaking-tube

    noun 1. a tube for conveying the voice over a somewhat limited distance, as from one part of a building or ship to another. speaking tube noun 1. a tube or pipe for conveying a person’s voice from one room, area, or building to another

  • Speaking-type

    noun, Numismatics. 1. a device on a medal or coin that has a punning reference to a person or thing.

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